The LED LiteMat fixture is the ideal luminaire for stage, studio, or location lighting setups. Born out of the need for a color-correct light source that is light-weight yet durable, high quality yet economical, and simple yet innovative, LiteMat take a unique approach to lighting. By providing evenly spaced, color-correct LEDs spread out over a large area, LiteMat creates soft light without requiring diffusion. This “soft-through-pixelization” method allows the unit to achieve surprisingly bright light levels while remaining under 25mm thick in size and just 1kg in weight. LiteMat can be used anytime that soft and controllable light is required. As a key light, you can easily mount the unit on a “baby” stand or attach it to a wall with tape. Because it’s lightweight, LiteMat makes a great handheld fill light or one that can be easily mounted overhead. It’s broad Kelvin range allows you to dial up any temperature between 2600-6200K. LiteMat is available in two styles, Series 2 and Plus+ Series.