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Carpetlight CL88 Complete System

149 000 kr (ekskl. mva)

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    A special product made for toplights.

    The CARPETLIGHT CL series is a new generation of fully flexible, light weight, ultra bright and high quality LED Soft Lights, that opens up entirely new possibilities in film-lighting.

    It is fully adjustable between 2,700 K and 5,800 K, with excellent color rendition over the entire range and the CRI value always surpassing 95.

    CARPETLIGHT CL series emits a high amount of light in a soft and uniform beam field. Brighter than a 4 Tube Fluorescent Softlight, with full flexibility and weighing 4400 g.

    Our Power Supply Unit has a unique non PWM Dimming feature that allows for total flickerfree operation at all framerates. It also creates a smooth and comfortable constant light never before seen in the LED Panel Light segment.

    Teknisk Informasjon

    Color Temperature: 2800-6000 K
    Dimmer Control: flicker free, steplessly variable
    DMX: 2 channels (1. brightness, 2. color temperature)
    Sizes: 2300 x 2330 mm, illumination area 2200 x 2240 mm
    Weight: 4400 g
    Power Output: 2x250W
    Power Supply: V-mount (2pcs 14,8 Volt , 9 Amps minimum discharge current), mains adapter with 90-240 Volt
    CRI: 96
    TLCI: 96
    Beam Angle: 120°
    Cooling: passive, noiseless

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