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Carpetlight Carpetino Complete System

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    carpetlight carpetino complete system

    This is our smallest product. Incredibly fast to use. Easy to handle, powered by only one Vmount battery. It comes with our full range of accessories packed in a tiny case!

    The CARPETLIGHT CL series is a new generation of fully flexible, light weight, ultra bright and high quality LED Soft Lights, that opens up entirely new possibilities in film-lighting.

    It is fully adjustable between 2,700 K and 5,800 K, with excellent color rendition over the entire range and the CRI value always surpassing 95.

    CARPETLIGHT CL series emits a high amount of light in a soft and uniform beam field. Brighter than a 4 Tube Fluorescent Softlight, with full flexibility and weighing only 200 g, the lamp is lighter than any existing professional lampheads on the market.

    Our Power Supply Unit has a unique non PWM Dimming feature that allows for total flickerfree operation at all framerates. It also creates a smooth and comfortable constant light never before seen in the LED Panel Light segment.

    carpetino 3x2

    World's unique flexible lighting system

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    Carpetlight Carpetino Complete System 1

    Fargekvalitet (2800K / 5600K)

    Carpetlight Carpetino Complete System 2

Varenummer: CL-CARPETINO